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Optimize your patient's journey from start to finish.

Capture high-quality data through our fully automated cloud-based clinical electronic data capture (EDC) platform that your staff, participants and clinicians will enjoy using.


Use Track.Health for

Clinical trials

Automate and streamline your clinical study and capture high-quality data from patients and clinicians. covers all your eCOA needs, including eConsent, ePRO, ePerfO, eClinRO and eObsRO.

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Create media-rich informed consent forms for an improved user experience, in an industry-compliant environment.

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Patient education

Deliver custom reports to patients filled with charts, videos and dynamic patient data.

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Medical electronic data capture

Setup once, then let the smart scheduler collect clean high-quality data, from staff, participants or clinicians on any device, remote or in-person.

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Better eConsent, increased compliance

Create beautiful consents with videos, images and knowledge review questions and monitor the progress of patients through the eConsent.

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Personalised information, delivered at the right time

Give patients information they can understand and act on, and provide them with support that is tailored to their needs.

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ePRO & Patient self-reporting at scale

Getting data from patients is hard, making that data actionable is even harder. Our solution makes sure that all the data collected, is clean, structured and consistent, and our insights engine turns that data, into actionable understanding.

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State-of-the-art architecture

You can rely on our best architected environment, built with scalability, resilience, fault-tolerance in mind by our fully certified Cloud engineers.

Industry standard data security

Have peace of mind when it comes to data – your data is always encrypted (in transit, at rest or even when exchanged between the internal platform components).

Regular security testing

Our platform undergoes periodic penetration tests by leading security specialists.


We work continuously to make sure your needs are covered. You are in full control of the application roles and users; in turn, we provide you with a HIPAA and CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

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Our Products

Patient Portal

Give patients a easy to use way to view and report their health data.

Online Editor

Let staff create great content for patients like, consents, questionnaires or patient reports.


Deliver content to patients when they need it, by SMS, email or both.


Triage comments from patients, and address their concerns using our Helpdesk.


Monitor your patients’ progress, and gain insights about what to do next.

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