close for Patient data self-reporting

Great experience for patients, great data for researchers.

Let patients answer questionnaires and describe their symptoms; get back clean, high quality, machine processable data and AI powered insights.

What's Included


Create dynamic questionnaires, or import from our questionnaire library, deliver them to a patient via SMS or Email.

Patient Portal

Friendly, easy to use patient portal directs patient through their experience.


Plan out the steps a patient will go through, get back structured longitudinal data.

Business Analytics

Monitor a whole study, find out where an individual patient is up to, give support to anyone falling behind.

Help Desk

Address any patient concerns directly inside the questionnaire – either async or live!

What makes our patient data self-reporting different?

Friendly Patient Portal

All the information a patient needs – what they have already done, what they have to do now and what’s coming up next.

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Rich and vibrant questionnaires

Create rich questionnaires with video, images, skip logic and many question types.

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Unified understanding, not just raw data

Tag questions with “concepts” from the Human Phenotype Ontology, and receive back structured data in a unified synonym-free language – “big head”, “enlarged cranium” and “macrocephaly” all are stored as the same concept.

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Built-in smart scheduling

Schedule who gets the content, and when – need a monthly questionnaire to “men with a BMI over 25, who have experienced shortness of breath“, we’ve got you covered!

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AI powered insights

Our insights engine helps uncover the hidden truth in your data – from risk scores, to disease stratification, with easily exportable result data.

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State-of-the-art architecture

You can rely on our best architected environment, built with scalability, resilience, fault-tolerance in mind by our fully certified Cloud engineers.

Industry standard data security

Have peace of mind when it comes to data – your data is always encrypted (in transit, at rest or even when exchanged between the internal platform components).

Pen Testing

Our platform undergoes periodic penetration tests by leading security specialists.


We work continuously to make sure your needs are covered. You are in full control of the application roles and users; in turn, we provide you with a HIPAA and CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

There’s more for you

Patient education

Deliver the right educational material, to the patient patients, at the right time.

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Informed Consent

Securely consent your patients and increase compliance with our easy to use online portal.

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