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Like Google Docs meets health data

Create better patient content with our smart editing, styling and annotation tools.


What can I make?

  • Questionnaires
  • Consents
  • Patient Reports
  • Education Resources
  • Clinician Approval Form


What makes our online editor different?

Easy for staff, great for patients

Write elegant free-form content with images and videos, questions, signatures, skip logic, pages and lots more.

Design meets data

Tag questions with “concepts” from the Human Phenotype Ontology, and receive back structured data in a unified synonym-free language – “big head”, “enlarged cranium” and “macrocephaly” all are stored as the same concept.

Huge built in glossary library

Our glossary library is vast, and our content enhancer automatically scans your documents in real time and embeds glossary definitions for your patients.

One tool, lots of options

✓ 15 Question types (radio, checkbox, matrix and many more)
✓ Images & videos
✓ Signature pad
✓ Skip logic
✓ Formatting (bold italic underline, headings)
✓ Lists
✓ Attachments (Word, pdf and more)

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