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Build once, deploy for many

Build automated workflows to send consent forms, questionnaires, and reports to your patients and team members.

What makes our scheduler great?

Simple steps to complex flows

Reusable workflow schedules let decide: what to send (e.g. questionnaires, consents, reports, education material), to whom, in what order, when they will receive it, and how they will be notified (sms or email).

Always on time, always up to date

You can schedule content by: date e.g. May 4th, relative time e.g. 2 days later, events e.g. after next clinic visit or action e.g. after clinician approval.

Right content for right people

Control who receives what content – target to specific individuals, or patients with specific properties e.g. “women over 45 with diabetes”

Built in notifications with reminders

Choose between notifying your patient by email, sms or both, and with built in reminders if something hasn’t been completed.

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