close Insights

AI-powered Business Analytics and Insights that require minimal effort to setup.

Our forms are annotated with clinical data term to make your analysis a breeze.

What makes Insights great?

Go beyond open rates and click tracking

Our annotated forms gives you not only your usual tracking data such as completion rates, click journeys, and time spent on pages and questions, but also longitudinal data and insights on clinical data.

Integration with third party analysis tools

Why re-invent the wheel when there are already great data graphing / analysis tools out there? We let you export data to great tools like Tableau.

Learn more about our other products

Participant Portal

Give patients a easy to use way to view and report their health data.

Online Editor

Let staff create great content for patients like, consents, questionnaires or patient reports.


Triage comments from patients, and address their concerns using our Helpdesk.