close for Functional health assessments, PROMs & PREMs

Valuable results for patients, reliable data for organisations

Run Health Outcome Assessments in a simple, secure and user-friendly way; Receive rigorously standardised and reliable data.

Standardised PROMs and PREMs

Run a study using a standard generic functional health assessment or a disease-specific PROM – for example, SF-12v2, DYNHA SF-36, Flu-PRO or Cat-PROM5.
Bring the tool to us and we’ll built it for you, for free.

Custom delivery

Deliver the assessments to patients via SMS or Email.

Patient Portal

User-friendly patient portal focused on providing a rich experience and clear guidance.


Connect multiple assessments in a journey and build a longitudinal patient profile.

Business Analytics

Monitor your assessments, find out where individual patients are in their journeys and provide support to those in need.

What makes our PROMs & PREMs different?

Better looking standardised PROMs and PREMs

Make a difference to your patients by providing them with a richer experience. Our Content Editor enables you to create modern, media-driven functional health assessments or PROMs.
If you don’t want to build it – bring it to us and we’ll built it for you, for free.

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Intuitive, user-friendly patient portal

All the information a patient needs – the assessments filled in to date, the associated outcomes, clear guidance on current and subsequent steps.

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Longitudinal journeys powered by smart scheduling

Connect multiple assessments as blocks into a temporal journey. Personalise the path in the journey by using data provided in previous steps to guide the patient’s next tasks

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