Track.Health for ePRO | ePRO Clinical Trials | ePRO Hospital

Friendly ePRO for patients, reliable data for organisations

Run ePRO for your clinical trials, hospital or other organisation in a simple, secure and user-friendly way and receive rigorously standardised and reliable data.

What makes our ePRO solution different?

Intuitive, user-friendly patient portal and questionnaires

Patient’s can see their upcoming, current and past questionnaires, and also view their data on their own dashboard.

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Alerts and progress tracking

Watch a patient’s progress through a series of questionnaires, and setup automated alerts based on their data e.g. if a patient’s BMI becomes too high.

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High quality data with automated scores and calculations

Questionnaires with built in validation keep your data clean, and automated scores make it easy to respond to patients’ needs.

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Effortless questionnaire creation

Our easy editor means you can setup content, forms, questionnaires for staff, clinicians and participants in minutes. Plus, we have a built in library of many standard ePRO questionnaires.

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Questionnaire delivery made easy with Smart scheduling

Easily send questionnaires to different patients based on different criteria, and save time and effort by automating the schedule.

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Next level patient-staff communication

Address patient concerns before they become issues. Turn on “Comments” – patient’s can leave comments inside document that your study team can respond to.

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Remote or in-person on any device

Electronic Data Capture in person or completely remote; get your own branded apps for Web, Mac, PC, iPhone and Android.

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Mid-study changes without downtime

Update your study, and easily set staff and participants down a different path without any downtime.

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