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Media Rich eConsents that increase compliance

Offering a great eConsent experience for patients on any device, and easy tracking, monitoring and modification for organisations.

What's Included

Consent Documents

Create dynamic consents, deliver them to a patient via SMS or Email.

Approval Documents

Design forms with signatures for staff to approve steps of the workflow.

Smart Scheduler

Plan out the steps for participants or staff, schedule them over time, or after certain events.

Help Desk

Address any patient concerns directly inside the questionnaire – either async or live!

Business Analytics

Monitor a whole study, find out where an individual patient is up to, give support to anyone falling behind.

What makes our informed consent solution different?

Intuitive Consent Designer

Create rich consents yourself with our online editor. Add pictures, videos, dictionary/glossary, knowledge review questions and electronic signatures.

  • Pictures and Diagrams
    Visual aids to help explain and reinforce key study components or complex topics
  • Video
    Provides a visual and potentially audio overview of the study and promotes better understanding of the selected content for the participant
  • Multimedia Tiered Approach
    Includes essential elements in a concise main section and more detailed information in later subsections
  • Summary Boxes
    Key idea reinforced and highlighted in one to two sentences
  • Knowledge Review
    Short set of questions that the participant is asked that highlights key information
  • Dictionary/Glossary
    Glossary is a list of selected terms defined by the sponsor
  • Chapter/Section or Continuous Content Views
    Allows content to be broken into sections or viewed as a single document
  • Section-based Participant Attestation
    Allows participants to acknowledge understanding of specific sections
  • Electronic Signature
    Electronic method of authentication, including fingerprint scan, etc.

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Participant support at scale

Reduce expensive participant consultation time – let the right person in your study team triage and address participant concerns online.

  • Content Flags and Comments
    Allows participants to leave comments that can be replied to by the study team.
  • Audio Comments
    Participants, staff and investigators/clinicians can leave audio comments and replies

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Live study and participant tracking

Track where everyone is up to in the study, and even watch remote participants fill in consent documents live.

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State-of-the-art architecture

You can rely on our best architected environment, built with scalability, resilience, fault-tolerance in mind by our fully certified Cloud engineers.

Industry standard data security

Have peace of mind when it comes to data – your data is always encrypted (in transit, at rest or even when exchanged between the internal platform components).

Pen Testing

Our platform undergoes periodic penetration tests by leading security specialists.


We work continuously to make sure your needs are covered. You are in full control of the application roles and users; in turn, we provide you with a HIPAA and CFR Part 11 compliant environment.

There’s more for you

Patient data self-reporting

Generate high quality patient self reported phenotype, symptoms PREM, PROM or PAM.

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Patient education

Deliver the right educational material, to the patient patients, at the right time.

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