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Customise your participant profiles with dashboard templates in Track.Health 5

To celebrate the holiday season, we are releasing Track.Health 5.0, headlining the brand new custom dashboard templates system that allows you to create your own partcipant profile dashboards.

Custom dashboard templates

Create dashboards for both admins and participants. Select what data to include and how it’s displayed. The first version of the dashboard template system includes 5 types of visualisations:

1) Line chart of all values of one data property,
2) A list of latest values of multiple data properties,
3) A timeline of all the entries towards multiple data propperties displayed on a calendar,
4) Overview of partipant’s HPO symptoms, and
5) Radar chart of participant’s HPO symptoms

You can even create multiple dashboards, for example, one for each disease you’re tracking, to keep your participant profiles organised.


Full Release Notes:

New features

  • Custom dashboard templates for admins and participants
  • Quick view of enrol steps
  • New forms tab in the response viewer/editor for easy access to all forms for the current participant
  • New option to create segments that match with only the latest data instead of historical data
  • Pin journeys to the top of journey lists and selectors
  • New parameters added to the export create payload. Now user can select journeys and documents to export.
  • New dropdown question type for selecting a single value from a data source
  • All user login attempt failures now capture and send a daily email to users with USER role. This includes the users last 24 hours failed login attempt counts.



  • Automatically redirect to user’s journey page after enrollment
  • Improved user login to enable extra security when users have multiple login failures. Now users have to verify their account if they add wrong passwords more than 6 times within 1 minute period.
  • Improved user password policy and now the users cannot change the password to a password they have already used.