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Electronic Data Capture supercharged by TrackHealth 4

TrackHealth 4 has arrived! The latest release is all about super-charging electronic data capture (EDC) for clinical trials. Here are 6 new things that are coming in TrackHealth 4:

Level up your Electronic Data Capture with Repeating Content

Does your clinical trial have electronic data capture forms you need completed on a repeating schedule? For example, a weekly symptom tracker to patients, or a monthly adverse event form for clinicians to fill at each appointment? These two improvements will make your patients and clinicians life easier.

1. We can automatically expire any forms the patient hasn’t completed, when the next cycle is ready. For example, their March check-in wasn’t completed, we can now expire it when the April check-in is released.

2. With the new magic pre-fill, your patients and clinicians can be sent forms with their past answers already filled in – now they just need to update what’s changed in the last cycle. Huge time saver!

Keeping your data organised, accessible and the highest quality

Track Health is built to ensure your electronic data capture give you best data possible from your clinicians and patients. Here are four enhancements to level up your data.

3. The global data coding browser now lets you group related coded items together making it easier to browse your custom coding. For example, you can now group together all coding relating to medications, quality of life scores, adverse events etc.

4. Vital sign coding is now built into Track Health, making it easier to keep your data stored in a standardised way.

5. Live updating calculations can now be embedded directly into your forms, this means clinicians things like calculated risk scores update live as they enter data.

6. With the new number question, add max and min values to ensure your data is the best possible.

TrackHealth 4 has begun rolling out today and should be live on all accounts within the next few days.