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Online platform to help families and individuals track Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms and contribute to personal and global understanding of the disease

A new online platform has been launched to help people with Coronavirus (COVID-19), or who are at-risk, isolating or with flu/cold-like symptoms, to track their symptoms and take control [by contributing their information to/] in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The covidaware.me platform, launched by Australian digital start-up Pryzm Health, helps people with Coronavirus (COVID-19), who are at-risk or isolating, or those with cold and flu to track their symptoms daily and compare them to existing scientific Coronavirus (COVID-19) profiles.

Covidaware.me users can create an anonymous profile and complete a series of questionnaires to be filled out over a 7-day period. Using the Pryzm Health knowledge base people can compare their personal symptoms to those of Coronavirus (COVID-19), in addition to cold and influenza. The platform can also organise the information contributed in a way that can improve the global scientific understanding of the disease.

The platform’s capability to track and compare symptoms could be most valuable to individuals at risk of developing serious illness as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, such as people with chronic illness, disabilities and rare disease as well as supporting those undergoing a period of self-isolation.

“I passionately believe in systems that can provide support to people who are most at-risk in the community. Tailored online support and information empowers individuals and families in these unprecedented times that our community faces”.

Kane Blackman – Deputy Chair of Angelman Syndrome Association Australia & Deputy Chair of Rare Voices Australia.


Covidaware.me has been developed by world leading data scientists at Pryzm Health who have focused their intelligent systems for precision health to bring together the world’s medical Coronavirus knowledge spanning more than 26,000 scientific abstracts covering almost 60,000 cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Covidaware.me helps users to compare their symptoms and experiences of Coronavirus (COVID-19) with the wider group, and also access links and updates about the latest scientific and clinical knowledge.

According to Pryzm Health CEO Robert Love:

“By working together we can track the Coronavirus pandemic across Australia, putting people in control of their health and provide researchers and clinicians with the best information to beat it. Every piece of information captured and contributed can help to better understand, diagnose and treat this disease.”